2/25 Meeting

Anti-Trump Reading Group
When: Saturday 2/25, 3:00 pm
Where: SubRosa (703 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz)
What: Discussing Geoff Eley’s “Fascism Then and Now
Join our ongoing discussion as we attempt to understand our present political context and discuss ways of defeating the Trump administration. The goal of this socialist reading group is to supplement the many important organizing projects going on in Santa Cruz with a site for collective theoretical and historical thinking.
Other Events of Note:
Santa Cruz General Assembly 
Sunday 2/26, 2:00 pm. At the Resource Center for Non-Violence.
Discussing, among other things, the March 8 Women’s Strike.
City Council Meeting on Sanctuary City Resolution
Tuesday, 2/28, 3:00 pm. Santa Cruz City Hall
Demand that the city council adopt an ordinance requiring non-cooperation with ICE and homeland security.
Other Readings of Interest:
One Step Back, Two Steps Forward: Trump and the Revolutionary Scenario” by Robert Cavooris (with inspiration from this reading group!)

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