2/14 Action: Make Santa Cruz a True Sanctuary City

Tell City Council: Make Santa Cruz a True Sanctuary City
Tuesday, 2/14
Meet at Clocktower at 2:00pm to march to City Council Council meeting
Following a week of intense ICE raids across the country, the Santa Cruz Police Department collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security on 2/13 to carry out several pre-dawn raids using flash grenades and helicopters in the Beach Flats Community, and arrested several people with alleged gang ties.
While authorities say there were no immigration related arrests during the raids, the ordeal, terrifying for many in the community, was a reminder that the SCPD is sharing information with the DHS, possibly including the Gang Enforcement Unit, which is part of ICE. 
Whatever the federal government’s stated intent behind these raids, SCPD collaboration puts people with undocumented status at risk of having their information shared with ICE, allows for broader ICE activity under the pretext of gang enforcement, and makes it impossible for undocumented community members to trust local law enforcement.
Tell City Council: We need a strong, binding Sanctuary City ordinance that will protect all residents of Santa Cruz. 
No collaboration with Trump: No loopholes, no exceptions

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